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SZL series packaged steam boiler
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Name : SZL series packaged steam boiler
Specifications : SZL SZG
No. : LG0001
Remarks : Huayuan Boiler

Product features:

1. The boiler shall be equipped with horizontal cyclone reburning chamber of an original creation in the home market, featuring
the obvious effect of increasing combustion efficiency and decreasing smoke discharge density which is lesser than 80mg/Nm3
, and at the same time cleaning fume, of which the blackness is less than I lingemann, meeting the requirements’of grade I
environmental protection area.
2. The boiler thermal efficiency is high, every kind of which shall exceed 5 per cent of national standard.
3. The water tube boiler features the following advantages: rational structure, safe operation, and long boiler life.
4. The air register shall employ cone seal structure of machining equipment, and the uniform blast duct structure shall be applied
to air distribute device of wind chamber, which is environmental patent technology of state.
5. Many kinds of fuel shall be applicable, including II and III coal.
6. Because of compact structure , small floor area, and monolayer arrangement of the boiler room, the cost of the boiler house and
installation shall be economized.
7. The boiler was awarded the following titles: first class products of mechanical and electrical department, environmental products
trusted by the national users, excellent energy-saving products promoted by state, excellent energy-saving products of shandong
8. According to the customers’ requirements, the layering burn device and other energy saving equipments, implemented in
state, shall be matched.

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